Transferring a document to clipboard

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Transferring a document to clipboard

Transferring a document to clipboard

You can easily copy an Inspiration document to clipboard to be quickly pasted into apps, such as Google Docs and Microsoft OneNote. The new document retains the look and structure of the document outline. You can control how the document transfers, including whether to include the diagram, prefixes, hidden subtopics, hidden notes or outline indentation.

To transfer a document to clipboard:

1.On the Main toolbar, click the Transfer button.



2.Tick the box to Transfer to clipboard.

3.Select the elements to include in the copy.

Select Include the diagram to include an image of the diagram at the top of your outline.

Select Topics to include topics.

Select Hidden Subtopics to include any hidden subtopics.

Select Prefixes to include the topic prefixes from Outline View.

Select Notes to include notes.

Select Hidden Notes to include any hidden notes.

Select Indentation to retain the hierarchical indentation from Outline view.

4.Click OK.

5.Go to your chosen app, such as Google Docs or Microsoft OneNote, and paste your document.