Transferring a document to a word processor

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Transferring a document to a word processor

Transferring a document to a word processor

You can easily move an Inspiration document to a word processor to format and edit the document for publication. The new document retains the look and structure of the document outline. Videos, graphics and hyperlinks to other files are included in the word processing document. You can control how the document transfers, including whether to include prefixes, hidden subtopics, hidden notes or outline indentation.

The Transfer tool works with Microsoft Word and Writer. Here are some things to consider when using the Transfer tool:

The margins set in the Inspiration document transfer to the word processing document. If you want different margins in the word processing document, change the margins in Inspiration before you transfer.

Some special formatting features are not supported by earlier versions of Word.

To transfer a document to a word processor:

1.On the Main toolbar, click the Transfer button.



On the File menu, choose Transfer to Word Processor.

2.Select the elements to include in the exported document.

Select Topics to include topics.

Select Hidden Subtopics to include any hidden subtopics.

Select Prefixes to include the topic prefixes from Outline View.

Select Notes to include notes.

Select Hidden Notes to include any hidden notes.

Select Indentation to retain the hierarchical indentation from Outline view.

3.Click OK.

The transferred document opens in your preferred word processor.