Drawing a text box

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Drawing a text box

Drawing a text box

Use the Text Box tool to add a title to a diagram, for example, or to add a text box to a draw object you want to use as a symbol.

To draw a text box:

1.On the Formatting toolbar, click the Change Draw Tool button btn_changedrawtool, then select Text Box.

The mouse pointer turns into a crosshair.

2.Position the crosshair where you want the corner of the text box to begin.

3.Drag the text box until it's the size you want.

4.Enter your text in the box.

The box grows vertically from the bottom down as you add more text.

5.To turn off the Text Box tool, click the Draw button btn_draw_textbox on the Formatting toolbar.

Tip: To change the width of the text box, click the frame of the box to select it so that the selection handles show, then drag any of the four handles to the right or left.