Gathering the files you need

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Gathering the files you need

Gathering the files you need

Copy the files you will need to a flash drive, a recordable CD or a network server that you can access from the computer you will be using for your presentation.

You should include the following files:

Your Inspiration document (a file that ends with the ISF extension)

Inspiration Presenter for Windows

You can copy the Inspiration Presenter folder that is installed inside the Inspiration 10 IE folder on your PC.


You can use a flash drive that has been formatted for a Windows PC.

To quickly copy Inspiration Presenter to a flash drive, on the Help menu choose Copy Inspiration Presenter.

This will not work with recordable CDs.

Choose MS-DOS (FAT) as the Volume Format option.

A CD that you burn on your PC can be used.

If you copy your Inspiration document file into the folder with the presenter application file, it will be very easy to find when you start the Inspiration Presenter.

You can place a copy of your Inspiration document inside the Windows Presenter folder.