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Containers are rectangular areas on your slides that hold text, talking points and graphics.

There are four ways to add containers to your slides:

Adding an empty container directly with the Add Container button.

Copying and pasting an existing container.

Adding a snapshot, which automatically creates a container for the snapshot graphic.

Choosing a new slide layout that has more default containers.

To add a container to a slide:

1.Select the slide in the Slide Sorter.

2.Click the Add Container button.


To move a container on a slide:

Drag the container to the desired position.


To re-size a container:

1.Click the container.

2.Drag one of the red handles at the corner of the container to re-size it.

Drag toward the centre of the container to make it smaller, and away from the centre to make it larger.


Note: Containers that hold graphics are re-sized proportionally, so the graphic retains the same relative dimensions at any size.

To delete a container:

1.Select the container.

2.Press the Backspace key.

If a container holds a graphic, pressing Delete or Backspace once deletes the graphic. Press the key again to delete the container.

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