What is a presentation?

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What is a presentation?

What is a presentation?

In general terms, a presentation is a slideshow: a series of pictures displayed in sequence for instructional or informational purposes. Many people use slideshows to augment and guide a speech or other type of presentation they deliver to a group of people.

You can also play a presentation automatically, for use in an unattended display, such as a kiosk or science fair project.

Inspiration lets you take the concepts and information you have organized in a document and convert it to a presentation. You can modify the presentation within Inspiration, and play it using either the Inspiration program or the stand-alone Inspiration Presenter.

The basic parts of an Inspiration presentation are:


A single screen's worth of text and graphics, usually discussing or overviewing one topic.

Talking points

The individual ideas or "points" that you discuss for one slide's worth of information.


Graphics taken from your diagram or mind map that help convey a concept.

You can also import other graphics directly into your presentation.

Speaker notes

Notes that only the presenter will see that give more details about a slide's topic.

The speaker can use these to verbally fill in information that is not presented on the slide.