Planning for your presentation

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Planning for your presentation

Planning for your presentation

Before you create a presentation from your Inspiration outline, diagram, or mind map, you should make sure your document is complete.

Although you can add information to your document after you create the presentation, and add to your presentation as well, any changes to one will not be reflected in the other. You will save time and effort if you make sure your document is complete before you start your presentation.

Be especially sure of the following:

You have covered all topics you need to, completely.

If you add topics later they will not appear in your presentation.

All the graphics you need to use are in place.

Presentation Manager will import them automatically.

Elements that might need extra explanation have notes attached.

Presentation Manager by default converts notes in your document into speaker notes that you can use when giving your presentation.

Consider creating custom snapshots for your presentation.

Presentation Manager creates basic snapshots but you can select specific images to focus on in your presentation. See Creating snapshots.