Finding text in a document

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Finding text in a document

Finding text in a document

You can find text in your document using the Find command. In Diagram or Map View, Find searches through all symbol text (including notes text and link text) currently displayed on the screen. In Outline View, all text is searched whether hidden or not.

To find text:

1.Click where you want the search to start.

2.On the Tools menu, choose Find.

3.In the Find What box, type the characters, word or phrase you want to find.

4.Select search options.

Match Whole Word Only: The Match Whole Word Only option finds whole words only. When selected, Inspiration will not find occurrences of the search text inside other words. It will only search for occurrences of the whole word.

Match Case: The Match Case option finds only those occurrences of the search text that exactly match the upper and lowercase letters you specify. When not selected, Inspiration finds all occurrences of the search text, ignoring the case of the letters.

5.Click Find Next to begin the search.

Inspiration looks through the text, stops at each occurrence of the search text and selects it.

6.Click Find Next to continue the search until it finds the next occurrence or reaches the end of the text.

7.Click Close to end the search.

Tips: Inspiration remembers the last character, word or phrase you searched for. After you finish a search, you can restart it by choosing Find Next on the Tools menu or by pressing Control-Shift-F. You can also select a new word and press Control-Shift-F to find the next occurrence of that word.