Tips for saving outlines as web pages

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Tips for saving outlines as web pages

Tips for saving outlines as web pages

If you use prefix labels, keep them simple. Web browsers don't support many of the complex prefixes available in Inspiration.

When you convert an Inspiration document to HTML format, all the fonts, font sizes and styles automatically convert to the web browser's default settings.

Avoid using spaces, percent signs (%), ampersands (&), slashes (/ and \), and quotation marks in the names you assign to the HTML files.

When you export an outline to web page format, the export may create many files, including GIF files for any graphics you have in the outline. To browse the exported web pages, all the files need to be kept in the same folder. The additional files are named based on the first file name you select.

Diagram and outlines exported as web pages include hyperlinks, so you can construct both simple and multilevel web pages. Any hyperlinks are retained in the resulting web pages.