Saving an outline as a text file

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Saving an outline as a text file

Saving an outline as a text file

You can save an outline as a plain text file, which can be opened in most text editors and word processing programs. The exported outline includes unformatted topic text and notes. You can choose to include topics, notes and prefixes in the exported document. Hyperlinks, videos, graphics and attached audio files are not included in the exported document.

To save an outline as a text file:

1.Open the outline.

2.On the File menu, choose Export.

3.Click the Word Processor tab.

4.On the File Format menu, select Plain Text.

5.To include a graphic of diagram or mind map in the exported document, select Include the diagram/mind map.

6.Under Export Outline with, select the elements to include in the exported document.

Select Topics to include topics.

Select Hidden Subtopics to include hidden subtopics.

Select Prefixes to include the topic prefixes from Outline View.

Select Notes to include notes.

Select Hidden Notes to include hidden notes.

7.Click Save.

8.Select the folder in which to save the document.

9.Enter a name for the document, then click Save.