Working with templates

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Working with templates

Working with templates

Templates are starting points for creating your own documents. A template can contain any type of content—from basic symbols and links to fully developed ideas and imported graphics and videos. Inspiration comes with over 100 templates to help you create your own documents. In addition, you have access to even more templates online. When you open a template, you save it as a new document so the template itself remains unchanged.

You can create custom templates that contain any type of content—from simple diagrams to complex outlines to detailed mind maps. Teachers often create their own templates to use as a starting point for a special project or assignment.

In addition to content, a template contains default settings that control how the template looks, transfers and prints, including:

The libraries that appear on the Symbols palette

The custom libraries available with the template

Access to the online symbol collection for symbol searches

Default formatting for text and objects

Default settings for transferring the template to a word processor

Default settings for printing the template

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Opening a template

Creating a template

Creating a template in Map View

Editing a template

Sharing a template with another computer