Adding a subtopic

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Adding a subtopic

Adding a subtopic

Subtopics are ideas or pieces of information that are subordinate to or add supplemental information to a topic. When you add a subtopic, it is indented under the topic you have selected.

Here's an example of an outline that includes both topics and subtopics:


When you add a subtopic to a topic, it's indented one level below the selected topic.

To add a subtopic:

1.Select the topic to which you want to add the subtopic.

A selection box appears around the topic to show you it's selected.


2.On the Main toolbar, click the Subtopic button.



On the Outline menu, choose Insert Subtopic.

Inspiration inserts a new indented subtopic below the selected topic.

A Subtopic Quick Control qc_hidesubtopic_topic appears next to the topic to show that it has a subtopic.


3.Enter the text for the subtopic.