Drawing a triangle or polygon

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Drawing a triangle or polygon

Drawing a triangle or polygon

Use the Polygon tool to draw objects such as triangles. A polygon is a series of attached line segments.

To draw a polygon:

1.On the Formatting toolbar, click the Change Draw Tool button btn_changedrawtool, then select Polygon.

2.Click where you want the first segment of the polygon to begin, then click where you want the segment to end.

To constrain the segment to a 45-degree, vertical, or horizontal line, hold down the Shift key when you click.

3.Continue to click where you want each segment to begin and end.


4.To complete the polygon, do one of the following:

To create a closed polygon, click the starting point.


To create an open polygon, double-click at the point where you want to complete the shape.

5.To turn the Polygon tool off, click the Draw button btn_draw_polygon on the Formatting toolbar.