Importing graphics for symbols in Diagram View

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Importing graphics for symbols in Diagram View

Importing graphics for symbols in Diagram View

You can use graphics created in other programs to represent your ideas. You can also use scanned photographs or any other graphic images. In Windows, you can import GIF, JPEG, PICT, TIFF, PNG, Windows Bitmap (*.bmp) and Windows Metafile (*.wmf) files.

Inspiration automatically creates a text area below an imported graphic, making the graphic a captioned symbol. You can also position the text area inside the graphic. To add an imported graphic to a custom symbol library, see Adding symbols to custom libraries.

To import a graphic for a symbol:

1.Click where you want to place the graphic.

2.On the Edit menu, choose Insert Graphic.

3.Select the graphic file, then click Open.


You can drag and drop a graphic from a graphics editing program or drag and drop the graphics file. Arrange the program windows so that both the graphic and the Inspiration window are visible. Drag the graphic to the diagram.

To copy and paste a graphic onto a diagram, in the graphics editing program, copy the graphic. On the diagram, click where you want the graphic to appear. On the Edit menu, choose Paste.

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