Importing videos for symbols in Map View

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Importing videos for symbols in Map View

Importing videos for symbols in Map View

Video symbols are symbols that play digital video files. You can use video symbols to represent ideas. You create video symbols by importing videos created in other programs. You can insert AVI, MPG and any type of video file that can be viewed using Windows Media Player.

The first frame of the video is the symbol image that appears. Click the Video button Button_Play_Video to show the video controls. You can pause the video and select that frame as the video symbol image.

To create a video symbol in Map View:

1.Click where you want to place the video symbol.

2.Choose Tools>Insert Video or Sound, then choose Video from the sub-menu.

3.Select the video file, then click Open.


You can drag and drop a video from a video editing program or drag and drop the video file. Arrange the program windows so that both the video and the Inspiration window are visible. Drag the video to the mind map.

To copy and paste a video onto a mind map, in the video editing program, copy the video. In the mind map, click where you want the video symbol to appear. On the Edit menu, choose Paste.

When you import a file that Windows Media Player does not recognize, Inspiration creates a hyperlink to the file.

To reduce file size, you can create video symbols using streaming video. Streaming video files are stored on a network server and are not embedded in the Inspiration document. When you play the video symbol, the video is sent in a continuous stream over an Internet connection and displayed on your computer. For more information about creating streaming videos, consult Windows Media Player documentation.