Adding topics to a mind map

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Adding topics to a mind map

Adding topics to a mind map

An attached topic is an idea connected to the Central Idea symbol or to another topic. A detached topic is an unconnected idea, which can appear anywhere on the workspace. In Outline View, a detached topic appears at the central idea level.

There are several ways to add topics and subtopics to your mind map. When you add a topic, it appears at the same level and attached to the same branch as the selected topic. When you add a subtopic, it appears attached to and one level below the selected topic.

To add a subtopic:

1.Select the topic to which you want to add the subtopic.

2.Click the Add Subtopic Quick Control QC_Topic_MMV at the end of the branch.



On the Main toolbar, click the Subtopic button.


3.Enter the topic text.

To add a topic:

1.Select a topic at the same level on the branch.

2.Click the Add Subtopic Quick Control qc_add_topic_mmv at the junction before the selected topic.


3.Enter the topic text.

Note: You can add topics and subtopics using the Branch menu. You can also use the shortcut menu by right-clicking the topic.


Hold ctrl and click the primary mouse button to add a branch to the selected branch, central idea, or as an unattached idea.

To add a detached topic:

Click the background of the mind map, then type the topic text.