Setting Arrange options

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Setting Arrange options

Setting Arrange options

You can use the Arrange options to refine a diagram arrangement. Not all options are available for every arrangement.

1.To set Arrange options, click the Arrange button on the Main toolbar.


2.Click the More Options button in the Arrange dialog.


Use this option…

…to do this

Tree Direction

Select the direction the symbols in the tree diagram appear relative to the Main Idea.

Lowest Level Symbol Arrangement

Control how the symbols in each branch of the tree diagram are arranged vertically.

Entire Diagram

Arrange a selected part of the diagram.

Link Style

Select the style of links in the diagram.

Tighten spacing

Minimize the space between symbols.

Arrange in outline order

Arrange the symbols in the same order in which they appear in Outline View.

Size text by level

Automatically size the text in a symbol based on the symbol's level in the diagram. The text in higher level symbols is larger. The text in lower level symbols is smaller.

Balanced web

Arrange the symbols in the diagram around the Main Idea and space the symbols equally.