Searching for symbols

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Searching for symbols

Searching for symbols

When you search for symbols, Inspiration searches the Inspiration libraries on your computer. Custom libraries are not searched.

Note: In Diagram View, you can turn off the symbol searching feature for a specific document using the Template Wizard. See Working with templates.

To search for symbols:

1.In the box at the bottom of the Symbols palette, type a word that describes the symbol you are looking for, for example "dog."

You can enter one word or a phrase up to 256 characters.

Inspiration only returns symbols that contain all of the keywords you searched for. For example, to search for symbols containing a dog and a cat, enter "dog cat." Inspiration automatically searches for all symbols containing a dog and a cat.

To limit the search, enter the minus sign and a keyword. For example, to search for symbols containing a dog and a cat but not a mouse, enter "dog cat -mouse."

To search for animated symbols only, enter "animated" with your keywords.

2.To refine your search, select from the following options:

To search for clip art symbols, tick the Art box.

To search for photographic symbols, select Photo.

3.Click the Find button Search button on Symbols palette.

The search results will be displayed under the Search panel of the Symbols palette.