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Welcome to Help

Welcome to Help

Use the Help system to learn more about Inspiration® 10.

Find answers to your questions.

Learn how to create diagrams and mind maps.

Learn how to create and organize outlines.

Learn how to format your diagrams and mind maps.

Learn how to format your outlines using text and prefix options.

Learn how to enrich the content of your documents using notes, hyperlinks, sound and the checklist.

Learn how to customise Inspiration using default settings, templates and application properties.

Table of Contents

Getting started with Inspiration

Creating a diagram

Working with the diagram

Enhancing your diagram

Creating an outline

Organizing your outline

Enhancing your outline

Creating a mind map

Working with your mind map

Enhancing your mind map

Creating a presentation

Working with your presentation

Enhancing your presentation

Presenting a slide show

Enriching the content of your documents

Managing and proofing documents

Managing the symbol libraries


Customizing Inspiration



Using Inspiration with whiteboards and other stylus-based systems