Changing the bullet graphics in your presentation

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Changing the bullet graphics in your presentation

Changing the bullet graphics in your presentation

Talking points are the main points that you talk about on each slide. Usually, each point is preceded by a symbol known as a bullet, to make it easier to differentiate points, and to identify sub-points.

Each Inspiration presentation template uses a pre-defined set of bullets, but you can easily choose a different set for your presentation. You can also hide the bullets on a slide.

To change the set of bullets used by your presentation:

1.Click the Bullets tab in the Gallery panel on the right.


2.Click the set of bullets you want to use.

Hold the mouse over a bullet set's thumbnail to see a larger preview of that set.

The bullets in your presentation will change immediately.

To hide bullets on a slide:

1.Select a slide in the Slide Sorter on the left.

Hold down the Shift key and click more slides to change them all at once.

2.Click the Show/Hide Bullets button on the Formatting toolbar.


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