The Slide Sorter

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The Slide Sorter

The Slide Sorter

The Slide Sorter displays thumbnails of the slides in your presentation along the left side of the Presentation Manager window. Using the Slide Sorter, you can preview and rearrange the slides in your presentation. You can also select several slides in the Slide Sorter and apply effects to all of them at once.

Rearranging slides

To re-order slides in the Slide Sorter, click a slide and drag it to its new position.

To see more slides at once, click the Expand button btn_expand.

Working with multiple slides

To select multiple slides:

1.Click a slide in the Slide Sorter.

2.Hold down the Shift key and click the other slides you want to select.

You can scroll the Slide Sorter to see more slides.

Once you have selected a group of slides, you can do the following:

Reveal Talking Points

When each slide is displayed in the slide show, the talking points are revealed one at a time.

Click the Reveal Talking Points button btn_reveal or on the Slide menu choose Reveal Talking Points.

Select a transition

You can specify a visual effect to be displayed when one slide is finished and the next is displayed.

On the Slide menu, choose Transition, then choose the transition to apply from the Slide Transition dialog.


Drag the selected slides to a new location in the Slide Sorter.

They will be grouped together at the new location.


Press the Backspace key to delete the selected slides.