Showing or hiding the page lines

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Showing or hiding the page lines

Showing or hiding the page lines

If you are printing a large diagram or mind map and would like it to print on multiple pages, you can show the page lines to help you see where the page breaks will occur on your document when it's printed.

When you print a diagram or mind map, the default is Fit to 1 Page, which automatically sizes the document to fit on one page. To change the default, see Printing a diagram or mind map at full size.

To show the page lines, you first must set the Print Size option in Page Setup to Actual Size or Actual Size with Smart Page Breaks.

To show the page lines:

On the View menu, choose Page Lines.

The page lines are displayed when a tick appears next to Page Lines on the View menu.

Note: When the Print Size is set to 1 Page in the Page Setup dialog, your document will print on one page.