Creating a template

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Creating a template

Creating a template

Teachers often create their own templates to use as a starting point for a special project or assignment. You can use the Template Wizard to save any Inspiration document as a template in Diagram View or in Outline View when opened from Diagram View or the Inspiration Starter.

The Template Wizard is simplified in Map View. To create a template in Map View, see Creating a template in Map View.

The default location for saving templates on Windows computers is a folder called Personal Templates, inside the Inspiration Data folder, within your Application Data folder.

To create a template in Diagram View or Outline View:

1.Create the document you want to save as a template.

2.On the Utility menu, choose Template Wizard.

3.Enter a description for the template, then click Next.

4.In each dialog choose the settings you want, then click Next.

5.When you are done choosing settings, click Finish.

6.In the Save Template dialog, select the folder in which to save the template.

Inspiration automatically opens the Templates folder, but you can select another.

7.In the File Name box, type a name for the template, then click Save.

8.To set the newly created template as the default template for the Inspiration program, select the Set as Default box in the Success dialog.

When you choose this option, all new Inspiration documents will be based on the newly created template.

Tip: You can save custom symbol libraries along with a template, which is an easy way to share your libraries with other computers. See Sharing a symbol library with another computer.