Summing numbers and currency

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Summing numbers and currency

Summing numbers and currency

The Summation feature is useful whenever you need quick, simple addition. When Inspiration sums, it looks for numbers in each level of subtopics under the selected topic. The values are added, then inserted in the selected topic at the insertion point. If the topic is selected and you are not in the text editor, the total is placed at the end of the topic. If a number already exists in the topic, Inspiration replaces the number with the summed number.

To add numbers and currency amounts:

1.Enter numeric data or currency amounts in the subtopic or subtopic text.

For example, to total the number of dollars in an expense report, type a dollar sign and the amount. If the dollar amount is surrounded by text be sure and put a space before and after the dollar amount. To total the number of people hours in an outline, enter the number, a space and then type "people hours" in each one of the subtopics you want included in the summation process.

2.Select a topic or symbol with subtopics you want to add.

3.To sum all numbers in the entire document, select the Main Idea topic or symbol. When only a topic or symbol is selected, only the subtopics for that item are summed.

4.On the Tools menu, choose Summation.

The Summation Options dialog appears.

5.Select a Search For option.

To calculate only topics or symbols with numbers, select General Numbers. Topics or symbols with currency symbols are ignored.

To add only topics or symbols preceded by currency symbols, select Currency Numbers. (The currency symbol will vary on versions of Inspiration sold outside the United States.)

6.If you want to look for numbers or currency amounts surrounded by specific text, type the text into the Preceded By and Followed By fields.

These settings let you further control which figures will be added. You can embed numbers or dollars in text. Summation will search and add numbers and dollars using your criteria exactly as specified. As you select your options, Inspiration displays an example of what it will search for in the lower part of the dialog.

For example, to total the number of people hours in an outline, select General Numbers, and type "people hours" in the Followed By box. To total the number of dollars, select Currency Numbers and leave the Preceded By and Followed By boxes blank.

7.Select Create Subtotals.

When selected, subtotals are inserted in the upper level topic. To suppress the insertion of the subtopic totals, deselect this option.

8.Click OK or press Return (Enter) to perform the summation or click Cancel to cancel this option and return to your document.

Summation adds the numbers from the lowest subtopic upward and places the total in the selected topic or symbol.