Automatically using symbol labels as topic text

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Automatically using symbol labels as topic text

Automatically using symbol labels as topic text

After you create a diagram and switch to Outline View, Inspiration creates an outline using the symbol labels. For example, a symbol with the label "Sun" becomes a topic "Sun" in the outline. The symbol labels serve as placeholders for topics as you develop your outline. When you return to Diagram View, the topic text appears in the symbols.

To automatically use symbol labels as topic text:

1.On the Utility menu, choose Picture-to-Topic.

Symbol labels appear as topic text when a tick appears next to Picture-to-Topic on the Utility menu.

2.In Diagram View, use the Symbols palette to add symbols to your diagram.

For example, add the "Book" and "Key" symbols to your diagram.

3.On the Main toolbar, click the Outline button to switch to Outline View.


The symbol labels are displayed as the topics: "Book" and "Key."

4.To return to Diagram View, click the Diagram button on the Main toolbar.


Note: Picture-to-Topic labels are available for symbols found in the Libraries tab of the Symbols palette, but not for online symbols or imported graphics.