Creating an outline

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Creating an outline

Creating an outline

Outlining is useful for planning and for structuring ideas when writing. When you create an outline in Inspiration, you use topics to represent your ideas. You begin with your main idea, which is the focus of your document. Then you add the topics you want to cover. A topic generally contains one idea or piece of information. Topics can have subtopics, which provide more detail. An outline can have up to 99 levels of subtopics.

In Inspiration outlines, as in diagrams, you can add a note to any topic or subtopic to add details to your ideas. Notes text can be one or two sentences, several paragraphs or even several pages. When you add notes to an outline, you're well on your way to developing an organized report, essay or story.

Here's an example of an outline:


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Tools for creating outlines

Switching to Outline View from Diagram or Map View

Entering your main idea in an outline

Automatically using symbol labels as topic text

Adding topics and subtopics to an outline

Adding notes to an outline

Editing text in an outline

Creating a diagram from an outline