Starting Inspiration

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Starting Inspiration

Starting Inspiration

After you have your copy of Inspiration installed and personalized, you're ready to get to work. Here's how you open Inspiration.

To start Inspiration on a computer running Windows:

Click the Start button, point to Programs, then click Inspiration 10.


About the Inspiration Starter screen

Inspiration displays the Inspiration Starter screen when you start the program, and whenever you have no documents open. The Inspiration Starter is a handy way to begin a new document or open your files, templates, view training videos and more.

Inspiration starter





Begin a new diagram.


Begin a new outline.


Begin a new mind map.


Open an existing document.

Click starter_open2 to choose from the list of recently opened files.


View and choose from the list of templates.


View and choose from the list of learning resources, including documentation and training videos.