Formatting text in a diagram

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Formatting text in a diagram

Formatting text in a diagram

You can change the way the text in your symbols, links and notes looks using the tools on the Formatting toolbar in Diagram View and the commands on the Text menu. For example, you can select your favourite font, change the text size and make text bold or italic.

For contrast, you might want to make the text that appears in your links look different from the text in your symbols. Or you could give a group of related symbols and links one text style to maintain a certain theme, while giving another group on the diagram a different text style.

You can format selected text or all text in a selected object, such as a symbol, link or note. For example, if you want to change the colour of a single word within a symbol, select the word. If you want to change the colour of all the text in a symbol, select the symbol.

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Changing the font

Changing text size

Applying bold formatting to text

Italicizing text

Underlining text

Changing text colour

Justifying text

Applying superscript formatting

Applying subscript formatting

Changing text to all capital letters

Returning text to the default style