Formatting text on a mind map

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Formatting text on a mind map

Formatting text on a mind map

You can format the text in the Central Idea symbol, topics, relationship links and notes using the tools on the Formatting toolbar and the commands on the Text menu. For example, you can select a different font, change the text size and apply bold or italic formatting.

You can format all the text in an object by selecting the object (object level formatting) or you can format selected text (text level formatting). Text formatting is applied differently depending on whether you select the topic or you select text within the topic.

When you select a topic, the text formatting is applied to all subtopics down the branch, with two exceptions:

Superscript or subscript formatting is applied only to the selected topic

A subtopic down the branch with unique text formatting retains its formatting

When you select text within a topic and apply text formatting, the formatting is only applied to the selected text.

When you select multiple topics, text formatting is applied only to the selected topics and not to subtopics down the branches.

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Applying bold formatting to text

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Applying superscript formatting

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