Deleting a custom library

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Deleting a custom library

Deleting a custom library

When you delete a custom library, it is no longer available on the Symbols palette to use in new documents.

On Windows, when you do not have write access privileges that allow you to copy files and folders to the Custom Libraries folder inside the Inspiration 10/Libraries folder, custom libraries you create are stored in your My Documents/Personal Libraries folder.

To delete a custom library:

1.Quit Inspiration. On the File menu, choose Exit.

2.Navigate to your Custom Libraries folder or Personal Libraries folder.

3.Select the symbol library file.

Note: The name of the file is the library name that appears on the Symbols palette plus the .INL extension, for example Birds.inl.

4.Drag the file to the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop.

Note: Do not move or delete any of the folders or files inside of the Libraries folder except for the Custom Libraries folder or they will need to be reinstalled.